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Design Your AquariumCup Cake DIY
Living Room RemodelCutie Yuki's Bedroom
Shoe DesignPretty Christmas
Decorating Games
Breakfast Decorating Game Breakfast Decorating Game
Breakfast is the most important meal. Begin your meal with a good breakfast and you will be fresh all day long. Help your mom set the table.
Design Your Aquarium Design Your Aquarium
Always wanted to have an aquarium with gold fishes? This is the game for you. Learn how to decorate your very own virtual aquarium.
Shoe Design Shoe Design
Be the biggest shoe designer and give Jimmy Choo a run for his money.
Amazing T-Shirt Design Amazing T-Shirt Design
Design your very own t-shirt in this game. Get creative and splash some colors with your brush.
Handbag Design Handbag Design
In this bag you will get the opportunity to be a Handbag Designer. Think you have a knack for designing?
Wedding Banquet Wedding Banquet
Your best friend is getting married and she has given you the most important job. You have to decorate the Banquet room for her reception dinner. All the best.
Love Shoe Love Shoe
Tim and Nancy are the cutest couple in town and they want you to design their shoes. Help them out and make them look more cute.
Room Decoration Games
Comfortable Room layout Comfortable Room layout
Nancy's room is in a mess. You have to help her and decorate her room. bring out the interior decorator that is hidden inside you.
Cutie Yuki's Bedroom Cutie Yuki's Bedroom
Yuki is bore of her bedroom. She wants it to have a new look. She wants you to help her as she knows that you are one day going to be the best interior decorator.
Living Room Remodel Living Room Remodel
You think that its time to remodel your living room. So, being an interior decorator you have decided to redecorate you living room all by yourself.
House Decorating Games
Sweet Dogs Home Sweet Dogs Home
Give SnowDrop a nice house to live. Use your interior decorating skills to decorate the house.
Emily Happy Family Emily Happy Family
Emily lives with her family. They want an interior decorator to remodel their house and they have asked you to help them as you are the very best.
Winter Cottage Winter Cottage
Its winter and its snowing outside. Remodel this house and make it look picture perfect.
Pretty Christmas Pretty Christmas
Its Christmas time. Your cousins and friends will be visiting you with lots of gifts. So its time to redecorate your house.
Pretty Villa Pretty Villa
Decorate your own house. You can even choose the seasons, The colour of the house , the flowers and lots more.
Mina's Beach House Mina's Beach House
Mina has just bought a beach house and she wants the best interior decorator to do her house. You being the best in town had to design her house.
Cake Decorating Games
Cake Designer Cake Designer
Be a Cake Designer. Make beautiful mouth watering cakes.
Cutie Cake Party Cutie Cake Party
Make cute cakes and display them. You can also decorate your table with small slices of cakes and desserts. Yummy.
Posy Teens New Year Posy Teens New Year
The Posy Teens are waiting for New Year. They want to decorate their cupcakes . Help them make cute little cupcakes.
Tantalizing Christmas Cake Tantalizing Christmas Cake
Christmas is around the corner and you have to help Chef Manny to decorate lots and lots of Christmas cakes.
Cup Cake DIY Cup Cake DIY
Bake your very own cupcakes and decorate it so that it will look irresistible.

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